Phasure*Lush^2 USB Audio Cable - 1m (rare find used)

Original purchase was April 2020.
There retail at 275 Euro off Phasure’s website direct or dealers. (Works out close enough to £275 with postage).

Phenomenal cable purely designed and built for audio applications only, and not to industry specifications. There is plenty to read about it online and on Phasure’s own blog where varying configurations are discussed.

I found the standard variation best for me but the ‘alternative’ setting was superb too / more highly lit.

Changing how the 3 shields are configured, be it one floats, one is connected at one end and the 3rd shield is connected at both ends as an example brings about audio changes. So a cable that can be configured to suit your taste or system.

Sold with the original pamphlet that explains the internal wiring loom connected to the shields, but more suggestions and reviews are on Phasure’s website.

Very rare used as these are truly excellent!

Website to buy and see pricing:

Blog for more info:

Selling this one for £195 incl UK post.