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Thread: PLINTH DESIGN - Motor decoupling & Seperate tonearm pod

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    Quote Originally Posted by WullieD20 View Post
    A bit like fitting a Houdini then.....? . .
    No comment (well nothing that wouldn't step on a few toes )
    The word is 'valves' in this country, not tubes. Tubes are what Smarties come in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    No comment (well nothing that wouldn't step on a few toes )
    . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by WESTLOWER View Post
    hmmm, not sure about that. Yes taking the attributes and reference points of well implemented design such as Bob C's plinths, may give you something that resembles one but sonically you will never know how it stacks up.
    Saying "should give you something very similar" is pretty unfounded and hopeful.

    But yes, I understand that taking similar design approaches into consideration will give you something... may even be better...who knows!

    I personally think the Bob C plinth Value for money in relative terms of what it does to the 301 and the craftsmanship involved.

    All good points. I don't have Bobs skills and would never think I could produce a plinth like his. I'm happy just to improve what I've got and take it from there

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