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Thread: Something for all SHURE freaks!

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    Default Something for all SHURE freaks!


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    It will be interesting to see how much they charge for them.

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    The Jico stylus in current production gets good reviews, https://www.jico-stylus.com/product/...ge-1/#comments

    9.5mv is the new Jico cartridge one that I like the look of, although the original was 11mv in 1976.
    I have a 1976 Shure cartridge sales brochure here, the M44_7 price is 10.46 and is listed below the M3D, price 8.10. Both described as Standard Series, budget carts.
    Btw, the cheapest cartridge is an SS35C at 7.09. The SC35C is a whopping 18.90. Top price goes to a V15 Type III at 60.41.

    Prices include VAT @ 12.5%

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    SS35C is just the stylus. SC35C is the whole cartridge.

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    Thanks Pavel,
    ...and a SS78E, presumably a stylus is listed too (8.78)

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