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Thread: Exposure synergy

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    Default Exposure synergy

    Greetings all,

    Does anybody know of good cables (speaker and interconnections), to use with exposure amplifiers?

    Sensible prices please.

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    I'm Mike.


    Didn't they make their own cables or recommend Naim?
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    Sure, the Van Damme "HiFi" UP-LCOFC cable has a good synergy with Exposure gear, due to its spaced shotgun construction = very low capacitance & moderate inductance, which is a good natural match for Exposure amps. I use the 2.5mm version. Go here & be shocked by the value for money (they are sold as single cables, so don't forget to get 2x if you need a pair). https://www.markgrantcables.co.uk/uk...fc-terminated/

    As far as speakers are concerned, this is much more individual. What are your music tastes, sonic priorities, room size etc.?
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    In terms of speaker cable as Yomanze mentions the guidance is to use low capacitance and moderate inductance. Exposure made their own (DMF1). I've heard that Cable Talk is very similar.

    In the past I used Naim A4 and understand that folks have also used A5.

    I currently use NVA.

    I've never read of guidance to use a specific form of interconnect mind. I've used both Linn and Chord.

    Above experience based on VIII, Super VIII and Super XVIII power amps.


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