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Thread: Dirac Room Correction with a MINI DSP SHD, and adding a sub to 2 channel

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    Default Dirac Room Correction with a MINI DSP SHD, and adding a sub to 2 channel

    Thought I'd report recent changes to my system that may be of interest other members.

    I recently progressed from a succession of Pi-based streamers to a mini DSP SHD.

    The SHD is a very flexible box of tricks offering Dirac room correction, DAC and streamer with a custom implementation of Volumio offering support for Tidal, Qobuz and the ubiquitous Spotify, as well as one's own network attached music files. It also boasts a plethora of inputs for those who wish to apply room connection to other sources (TT, CD etc).

    My interest in room correction arose out of repeatedly reading that room acoustics have a very significant influence over audio reproduction and I was intrigued to see what difference it could make in my system and room. The answer is 'quite a lot'. The improvement is very pronounced and the Dirac system is a tweaker's dream.

    The MINI DSP software has four slots for custom filters, providing the flexibility to switch between different 'voicings' (my expression, probably not the right word). For example, I use one slot for a bass enhanced filter.

    One of the features that appealed to me was the option to integrate a subwoofer into my two channel system by plugging it directly into the SHD and using the MINI DSP and Dirac software (I didn't want to fiddle about learning REW). Again the process is much easier than I feared it might be and I now have a well-integrated sub handling all frequencies below 80hz. Lovely.

    Downsides: well just a couple, you have to get a microphone and spend a bit of time lying on the floor while Dirac does its stuff, and the Volumio implementation isn’t the best. Otherwise it’s hard to fault.

    Anyway. I’ve tried to avoid hyperbole but file under ‘highly recommended’.
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    Nice review and glad that you are finding the MiniDSP with DIRAC a real plus. Just a couple of additions that might help you and others interested parties. Firstly there is a new version of DIRAC Live 3.0.11 out which is good to download and make sure yours is up to date.

    Second with regard to the DIRAC session and Mic set up . If you use the MiniDSP UMIK then you can get two calibrated files to load in to DIRAC the standard one which means you do all your measurements with the UMIK pointing directly at the speakers. The second file is a 90 Deg calibration and this means that you use the UMIK pointing up to the ceiling and it is reading the sound both from the speakers and reflected sound patterns which may be more accurate to what you hear directly (I have tried both in a small and larger room and prefer the 90 Deg option but you may not feel the same way ) .

    Under the new version of DIRAC Live you also get a time delay option which means that you can set the software to start the sound sweep with a delay of up to 15 seconds which will apply to all sweeps until you change it . This gives you time to trigger the sweep then leave the room and wait for it to finish , no more lying on the floor.

    Hope this helps I have been using DIRAC now for about four years and it is getting both easier to use and better sound quality so I agree with you it is something worth an audition . I currently have a DDRC 22D that is not being used so contact me and if you are fairly close to Liverpool I can arrange a loan .

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