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Thread: Well, hello..

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    I'm Nigel.

    Default Well, hello..


    Having been interested in audio systems since my teens (1970s - DIY build of various amplifier designs published in Wireless World, Wilmslow Audio transmission-line speakers etc), I've found that my interest/ hobby tends to go in 10 year cycles where I pursue a different avenue of audio excellence (whatever that is!) and once I've peaked I then wonder off and get involved with other interests. I'm now about to start again with a blank canvas and will be reading the forum avidly to find out what's new, interesting and plain excellent. As part of my reinvention I shall as usual be selling of all of my existing system to leave me with a clean sheet.

    I've always been keen on vinyl and my systems were built accordingly with high-end vinyl reproduction also acting as the benchmark for my digital adventures. In my existing system I managed to achieve good convergence of the analogue and digital sound quality which I considered was a reasonable achievement. Music-wise my formative years were based upon 1950s - 1970s blues, folk, country, rock etc and hence those various styles tend to act as my benchmarks for today, not that I'm rooted in the past. Therefore my audio systems tend to be geared towards reproduction of those genres rather than electronica and most modern forms of weirdness (garage, hip-hop, shed, dubstep etc) that passes as music (I'm joking, honest..)

    Funk Vector + Lyra Delos (ridiculous combination but it works!), Nagra PL-P, REGA DAC + Audiophilleo2 24/192 USB asynchronous clocker, Edge G6 amp, Electrofluidics (Goertz) 20/20 cable + Ben Duncan inductors, Living Voice IBXR-2. Interconnects mostly Abbey Road (now Studio Connections). For digital source I almost always use a MAC with the Pure Music application as this simply makes iTunes seem like the stone age in audio quality.

    The kitchen system is a Naim MUSO and upstairs Logitech Squeezeboxes reign supreme.

    I look forward to many and happy interactions on the forum!


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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Nigel. Welcome to AOS.

    Take a look around the site and join in any chat that interests you, there's plenty going on.

    Enjoy the forum,
    The word is 'valves' in this country, not tubes. Tubes are what Smarties come in!

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Nigel.

    Nice introduction - I too dabbled with DIY projects, building designs published in Wireless World: both the Nelson Jones class A amp and the Linsley Hood amplifiers, as well as some later tape circuit designs.

    Always good to see someone with a broad range of tastes in music.

    Enjoy the Forum

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