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Thread: New member says Hi.

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    I'm Lou.

    Default New member says Hi.

    Hi to all, I am just starting again with vinyl and gradually building a system to play it on, I have been buying pre-owned vintage stuff for a couple of years now, servicing and repairing it as I go along. I am starting with a turntable and budget will dictate, I am currently using a Technics SL-D3 but I have just finished repairing a Technics SL-150 with a SME III tonearm which now works and it seems like a better player, any thoughts? although this player will only work normally with an old Sony integrated amp I have and not with a more modern Technics amp?
    I have deeply regretted selling all my vinyl and am slowly rebuilding my collection now I have retired but I am still keeping my CD's and cassette's.
    For now,

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Lou. Welcome to AOS.

    Join in the chat and get to know the members, there's a lot going on.

    Enjoy the forum,
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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Lou.

    The Technics/ SME III is a good combination, but the arm is only really suitable for medium to high compliance cartridges. But there are plenty of good cartridges to choose from.

    The majority of current amplifiers are not fitted with a phono stage, so if you do find a recent design you like, you will have to find a separate phono stage to use with your turntable.

    What speakers do you have in mind, and what are your tastes in music?

    Enjoy the Forum

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