Since Teledyne AR was flogged off to Jenson in 1989 I suppose these do predate the cut off for Past Masters.

A pair of TAR Party Partners, gathering dust on the top of the cabinet.

Logo at the rear next to the connections has serial number EM01867 on the nearest, and the Dunstable address underneath that of Canton, MA.

I never did think they were bookshelf speakers, far too large at almost 2' high and well over 1 cubic foot inside (37 litres in new money) . The promotional bumph I discovered a few years ago confirmed these were to be sited vertically on the floor, their shape dictating the cones face upwards at a 40 degree angle.

This was when the company must have been going through their Picassoesque phase, a full range of triangular designs, small/large/even active ones , and with names like Rock, Fun and Party.

I had considered drilling out the base to install a set of spikes , but I would most likely impale myself on them if I do it now rather than later.

Strangely enough, a US based eBayer is selling one as an entity, rather than a half.

I'll pull the brochure from the office PC later today and attach.