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Thread: WTD:: Starter TT, amp and speakers - for a friend's daughter

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    I'm Lawrence.


    Very generous offer Andrew.

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    I'm Andrew.


    Thanks Lawrence , not that generous as I am still keeping my Genexxa 5 speakers .

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    I'm Graham.


    Nice one Andrew, thats a very generous offer

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    I'm Edward.


    In the same vein I have something for free. An AV amp which can be used in stereo and full bypass mode. Specifically a Sony TA-VA8ES. In black.

    I've often used it in the past for stereo work, the sound quality is astonishing. It was, it its day, high end. Certainly tons of clean power able to drive most speakers. Has phono inputs. Probably only MM, but check the manual.

    Downsides; pretty heavy and collection only from London N2. Or possibly arrange own courier. I'm sure I can find a box.

    I don't have a picture ready but google images will have many examples.

    Comes with remote controller.

    Here is the manual.
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    I'm Graeme.


    thanks everyone for the replies... I've let him know, hopefully he will take someone up on the totally generous offers.
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