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Thread: zimbo´s currend system and listening space

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    Default zimbo´s current system and listening space


    after posting in the welcome section here are some details of my current system.....

    an overwiew...

    The "main" system includes:

    active two-way horn speakers with TAD TD-4001 and TL-1601B in a DIY enclosure with arround 190 liters volume.

    driven by a Trinnov Amethyst preamp including the active crossover, DSP and so on....

    for power amplifying a Rotel RMB-1066 6 channel amplifier, bridged to 4 channel, is used.

    Mainly used source is the record player. This is a DIY deck using some Micro Seiki parts, tonearms from TW-acustic and Ortofon and some carts from my collection....

    the phono preamps are a clearaudio basic+ and a tube phono of Innovative Audio, called "phonomoped MK2b"

    on the other side......
    the "second" system for listening on the computer workplace...

    speakers are Musikelectronic Geithain ME-100, main source apple macMini, also used for main system as Roon core (Trinnov Amethyst as "endpoint")....

    Amplifier is a Bryston B-100SST including DAC and phono.

    the two record players are an old Sony TTS-3000 with Thomas Schick 12" arm and a newer Technics SL-1500C

    both record players are connected to the internal phono section of the Bryston amp by using a Fidelity research FRT-4

    The Bryston amp is also connected to the Trinnov preamp over its record out outputs, so I can use all record players in the main system.

    Hope you enjoyed my little introducing to my currend system.

    best regards from Germany and have a nice weekend
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    I'm Greg.


    Beautiful setup Sascha


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    Wow, what a fabulous set-up. I'd love to hear that. Gorgeous room Sascha.
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    Wow Wunderbar I bet those speakers sound superb.
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.


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    I'm Martin.


    Great looking room Sasha , those speakers wow.

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    Excellent photos Sasha.

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    Lovely looking system and your room seems to have a great feel to it.

    What music do you prefer to listen to?
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    I'm Sascha.


    Thank you, guys.
    I grow up in the late 80s and 90s with electronic music and this is the genre what I do prefer till today. Of course, I also like other music, a little jazz, hip-hop, pop - preferably mixed with electronic beats....

    best regards

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    That's a super system and room you have there Sascha and a lovely collection of turntables. I see that you have the Clearaudio phono stages but have you added or tried the accu battery power supply? I have this phono stage pair but not the battery power supply was just wondering if it added anything to the quality of sound.
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