I will attempt to explain to explain the EWA loudspeaker cable range, with my apologies if I am not clear! We have: LS-25, LS-40, LS-50, LS-80.

EWA cables look very similar to each other, so they are being visually re-refreshed end of September/October 2020 - partly to look more professional and to differentiate the products clearly (they will sound the same).

Single cables:

LS-25 & LS-40. These look the same but they are not. LS-25 is excellent cable, the best value in the range. I think better than TQ Ultra and probably Diamond, but far, far cheaper. It has 14 very pure Furukawa made conductors each side (28 per cable), originally based around a special design for high power and very high frequency applications - not audio - and adapted for our use. This advanced design has (had) industry leading behavior regarding phase shift.

LS-40 is the same size, but has 21 of the same conductors each side - much better power handling and bass. The insulation and dielectrics are different and the inductive shielding much stronger than LS-25. It is really exquisite cable, and the new reference design from C J Wonfor. It's phase performance is an order of magnitude better than LS-25 - we had to measure it in a three metre length instead of one metre in order to get a reading. It has perfect timbre and good power handling. It is the most advanced raw cable design he has ever generated - and it cost a fortune to manufacture!

Double cables:

LS-50 & LS-80.

LS-50 is simply two sets of LS-25 inside a braided sleeve. This means there are now 28 conductors each side (56 in every cable) - much, much better bass and current handling ability. The unique inductive shield of two LS-25 cables held together is compounded - magnified by the presence of the other cable. All EWA LS cables are their best when twinned together this way. The inductive shielding is now much stronger, and it's phase performance is improved further (Not as good as LS-40, but quite close). This is a very dynamic cable with great timbre and bass.

LS-80 will be available October 2020. You have probably guessed what it is! Two runs of reference LS-40 inside a braided sleeve (Same form factor as LS-50). LS-80 boasts 42 conductors each side (that's 84 per cable). Current capability and dynamic potential is off most people's scale with this cable. Because the astonishingly effective inductive shield of LS-40 is compounded by twinning the cable, the phase performance is truly superb. The cable outstrips most amplifiers and loudspeakers abilities by far and must be one of the best loudspeaker cables available today. Utterly perfect timbre and frightening dynamic potential.

So what goes into these? We aren't saying! It's only a matter of time before the dogs reverse engineer it though... Without giving too much away, EWA cables are phenomenally expensive to manufacture. They may seem expensive to buy too, but the ratio of manufacturing cost to RRP is far, far smaller than other cable manufacturers we could mention! For the time being, we sell directly so the RRP is the effectively the distributor price.

No other cables we are aware of feature inductive effects as part of their design, or the incredibly advances and over specified insulators. The conductors are special as well, not usually found in audio cables - possibly not at all!

Here is an overview of the EWA cable system: https://www.abcaudio.biz/cable