It's always great to see Colin's design get some recognition - this recent review by Clive Meakins in is a lovely write up! - Claymore

The Claymore is an outlayer in the current EWA range, the only amplifier that isn't based on the same basic M-100 circuit and heritage. The Claymore is actually a much more sophisticated rework of the original Claymore, from the 1980s. This is what the original amplifier would have been like had the components existed to accomplish this level of performance! Featuring 50W true RMS into 8Ohm, 100W into 4Ohm and 180 into 2Ohm and a genuine SECA class A headphone amplifier, plus two pre-outs.

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Please note the front panel has changed, the word 'retro' has been dropped. It also now features an IEC inlet rather than captive mains lead.