I've got a setup I'm fairly happy with. The turntable is a ProJect super pack I bought about 3 years ago, and while I love the sound, it's been pretty unreliable. First, the turntable slowed down and even stopped while playing a record. It went back to the shop, repairs were done. It happened again, back to the shop, some tweaking and it seemed fine. More recently, the persistent problem is the left channel speaker cutting out. It's definitely the turntable as CD player and streamer are fine. I found that by pulling the left phono output cable out of the back of the deck and then plugging it back in again, the sound would be restored. But then it would happen again when I changed record. Weirdly, I've just found that by pressing down on the deck on the left hand side, the sound comes back. The turntable's out of guarantee now, so I'm just wondering if I should ditch it and get a more reliable deck. How do I tell the turntable our relationship might be over?