Met our very own Loz - HackneyRF earlier this morning.

He kindly brought a cd player over for me from St Leonards on Sea.

We didn't have an awful lot of time as he had to meet a friend and I had the usual Saturday commitments, errands etc but we did get enough time to talk hifi - (be rude not to )

Unfortunately he didn't get the pleasure of the SP-10 MK2 and what the Cadenza Black-Fritz Gyger S can do as my tonearm vta adjust does not have a vta lock mechanism which came later on the vta system on the SL1200/1210.

It's a PITA and something I'm scratching my head with regards to how to resolve. There is a night and day difference between a properly set up FGS stylus profile and one with it's vta out so there was no point letting him here it sounding out and cr&p, no point at all.

Either way, was proper nice to meet Loz / another top AOSer and I'll invite him back, if I ever get round this blinking vta dropping out issue

I need to send the man Angus Phonomac a line. I've a few things to put to him in that regard and if anyone will be able to advise it will be him