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Thread: My sitting/listening/testing room...:)

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    I'm Arvydas.

    Default My sitting/listening/testing room...:)

    Hi for all,
    I am Vintage gears enthusiasts from Milton Keynes, originally from Lithuania. My passion/hobby is restoring and modifying turntables. Have numbers and numbers done. Now, me and my friend working on heavily upgraded Lenco GL75, in brand new and totally different shape....
    Current system:
    Tannoy V12HP drivers in huge, custom made housing.
    JAS T100 ribbon super tweeters from JAS Audio.
    Fully refurbished Marantz PM4 integrated amplifier.
    Sugden iA4 integrated monster integrated amplifier, do not like them, too cold, too slow IMHO....
    Copland CTA301 pre and Copland CTA501 power amps. Really nice sounding, but still not sure about valve sound...:0
    Custom made Pyramyd valve monoblocks.
    Marantz Ma5 monos and marantz Sc6 pre.
    Shanling CD T100 cd player. I am surprised how good is sound from this chinese gear!
    Sugden CD21SE CD player. Nice sound, detailed and warm. Like it, unfortunately on service....
    Finally my pride Garrard in huge and heavy, around 35-40 kilos, plinth, with 3 tonearms, SME 3009 improved, upgraded to 12'' Rega r200 and Grace G714.
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    I'm Adrian.


    Hi, welcome to AoS, some nice equipment you have there. What music do you listen to?


    Listening is the act of aural discrimination and dissemination of sound, and accepting you get it wrong sometimes.

    Analog Inputs:
    Pro-Ject Signature 10 TT & arm
    Benz Micro LP-S, Michel Cusis MC, Goldring 2500 and Ortofon Rondo Blue cartridges
    Hitachi FT5500 mk2 Tuner

    Sony 3d blu-Ray for CDs to Caiman SEG
    RaspberryPi/HifiBerry Digi to Beresford Caiman SEG DAC
    Buffalo NAS Drive

    LFD MMC special phono stage & Rothwell MCX SUT
    ALLNIC T1500 MKII SET 300B amp
    Schiit MAGNI 3 Heresy amp

    Wilson Benesch Vector speakers
    KLH Ultimate One Headphones

    Furutech AG-12-R4 High Performance Phono Cable
    Eccose Conductor CA1
    Belden 8402 with Switchcraft 3502A Audiophile High-End RCA
    Chord Epic speaker leads, & signature links

    I think I am nearing audio nirvana, but donít tell anyone.

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    I'm Paul.


    Hello and welcome Arvy,
    Beautiful system you have there, I count 4 turntables but the Garrard and the Tannoy's are something special.
    Turntable - Pioneer PL-90 Reference. Cartridge - Audio-Technica AT-ART9. Phono Stage - Clearaudio Basic Plus Phono Preamplifier and Power Supply. CD Player- Pioneer PD-91. Power Amp - Pioneer M-73 Reference. Speakers - BeoLab 18 Special 90 Year Celebration edition. BeoLab Transmitter 1. Tisbury audio mini passive preamplifier ii. Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver.
    Ligne Roset lines sideboard.

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Love the three-armed Garrard 401, especially the Grace 714.

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    I'm watching.


    Nice 401

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    I'm Mike.


    Love the look of the speakers.
    My kit, subject to change, frequently -

    TT's: Audio Grail 401, Audiomods arm and Hana SL cart, Technics SL-10 with 310MC cart
    Amps: Denon PMA-850, TVC pre / N.E.W. A60 power
    CD Players: Puresound, Micromega Stage 2, Doge 6
    Music discovery: Tidal on Cambridge Audio CXN
    Speakers: Transmission Audio M1i's
    RCM: Okki Nokki 2
    Wires: Yep - connect stuff together

    Hi-Fi's pretty cool, but music's betterer

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    I'm Arvydas.


    Thank you Paul.

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    I'm Arvydas.


    I found it somewhere around Epsom, for funny £150 with Thorens TD150....

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    I'm Arvydas.


    Thank you...

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