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Thread: Sony pro walkman. Wmd6c

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    Default Sony pro walkman. Wmd6c

    I have just received this Walkman via a legacy. Came with the power plug and carrying case but not the strap. Have some cassettes too. Apparently only used for a few months and sitting in a closet for at least twenty-five plus years. It's in great condition (leather case too).
    I still have some cassettes which I recorded off the airwaves, oops! Put some batteries in and guess what, worked first time. Put an Earth Wind and Fire album in and connected to my system to use as a tape deck. You know, the top end may not be all there, compared to digital, but love the sound of EWF after all these years.
    If anyone wants to see photos, will upload.
    Surely a great piece of kit, even after all this time. They don't make kit like this anymore.
    All the manuals, info etc., still on the net. Great stuff.
    Kind regards and happy listening.


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    Ah yes, sometimes great things come in small packages..!

    I bought one back in the day and used it mostly to make party / car tapes etc. Then had it sat in a cupboard for ages.

    I rediscovered it a few years ago and replaced the various drive bands and used it somtimes in the dining room plugged into my old Cyrus Two and Rogers LS3/5a's... But the wife and daughter only ever played iffy cds and Spotify via the phone so I sold it not so long ago.

    I may regret doing that one day, the rest of the setup is currently sourceless...

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    Shame about that Peter.
    Spooky, I'm using it though a Cyrus Av master with Mono switched 8 Powers and refurbed Mission 753's, courtesy of Wilmslow Audio. Great job by them.
    Loved the cabinets, so used Monacor like for like replacements with x/over recaps. Good for another few years, with my ancient ears.

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    Yes, we like pics, put some up please.

    If the top end is missing a little, demagnitising the heads would possibly help.
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    OK, will do and thanks for the hint.

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    Some photos would be great, Tad.

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    Had one for a good few years.
    Used it for casual personal use as well as in a semi pro capacity in recording studios.
    Excellent cassette deck.

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    I’ve had three Pro’s over the years, fantastic devices which can be further enhanced by a separate headphone amp and a decent set of cans.
    Paul Carrington over in Ireland is an ex BBC engineer who offers a specialist service and the cost is very reasonable with quick turnaround too.

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    Very good machines, but the head has a thin metal sheet tape guide which has worn on mine, and so the tape runs low down the head.

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