Another difficult one for me to move on but itís not getting used and I have bills to pay...

I bought this earlier in the year as a foray into the Vintage sound and definitely wasnít disappointed. Unfortunately about 2 weeks after getting it I had a once in a lifetime on a Marantz PM4 I couldnít refuse so ever since this has sat on the shelf and deserves to be used.

A lovely little thing which has clearly been cared for all its life, indeed having an overhaul in April 2018 at the cost of over £200 including 26 new capacitors and modern day banana plugs for speaker cable.

Comes with its original schematic diagram also.

The wooden casework (as well as fascia and knobs) is in amazing condition with just one small dent Iíve tried to take photos of.

Really sad to see this go but as I say needs must do looking for £400 delivered to UK or alternatively would look into a swap for a DAC with a bit of cash either way so what do you have?