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Thread: Wilmslow Audio

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the info mate. I would certainly be ensuring bracing was good on the way through the build, nice to hear that they sound good. I'd probably upgrade the crossover components where suitable.
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    Hi Rob
    I had and enjoyed a pair of WA Home Studio Monitors for many year on the end of SS and valve gear but with a bespoke cabinet and stand


    My only criticism was that when they went back for a complete crossover upgrade it took rather a long time...............
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    I'm wondering, from your original post, if you're open to the thought of other kit options, besides the Wilmslow Prestige? I have nothing against Wilmslow incidentally - it's just that there are other interesting options out there.

    For example there are Troels Gravesen's designs. At the price of the Prestige you could build something like the ATS-4. (See here for the design and here for the kit.) No cabinets (or even flat-packs) are available, mind you.

    Another kit that intrigues me, at a lower price level, is the Philharmonic BMR monitor designed by Dennis Murphy. There's some info about it here. It would mean buying a kit of drivers/crossover from the US, and building a cabinet from scratch.

    If none of that appeals, or you've already settled on the Prestige please ignore this post.
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    Wow, those are very nice. Unfortunately I simply don’t have the tools to build from scratch. They are jolly handsome though!

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