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Thread: Calmer ear plugs for tinnitus

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    Hi All,
    I decided to give them a go a few weeks back now, although sod's law i have already lost one due to mask wearing and removal which Calmer has been very good about, and have sent me a replacement for a very minimal fee.
    I can't say it actualy helps with the various noise i hear daily due to severe tinitus in my right ear, however; what i have found is wearing them on a daily basis around normal sounds and in the car, i do feel calmer, i can't explain further that what the makers state on why that is, but i do think that they make a diffrence to my over-all mood through the time i have used them.
    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Just realised mine is back. I tend not to think about it, as I'm used to it being there a lot of the time. I must have woken up with it this morning, there was none yesterday. It's a soft whistle at around 5/6 kHz.
    Yeah, that's about the same as mine. Only really noticeable when I think about it. Or when I'm playing music, as if it's trying to compete
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    had it for many years(industrial accident) . it used to bug me badly but it doesnt mostly now. its there but i can overcome hearing it with a quite tv on at night.. its pretty loud at moment tho.
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    And today it's gone...................for the moment.
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    Having gone to the trouble of reading the linked effects on music and Tinnitus I have to say that the mfg is not making any claims at all . Instead they are reacting and looking at some claims from users who have noted improvements . As they say the causes and treatments for tinnitus are many and what works for one may not work in anyway with someone else . As they offer a 30 day free return they are letting anyone interested try the product and see if it helps . If it does then fantastic anything that will lower or improve the life of a tinnitus sufferer is to be applauded. For those that say it is just a placebo effect then my reply is so what if it works for you do not question it just take the improvement . I like that this mfg gets the accusations of snake oil and accept them and make no claim other than that they do what they were designed for which is filter out certain frequencies known to irritate or cause anxiety . This addition is unexpected and person dependent so they are noting it but not saying that is going to work . At 19 this is not what most would call a major purchase and if it works then that would be a great result . Will wait and see the comments.

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