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Thread: Nice to meet you all

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    I'm Robert.

    Default Nice to meet you all

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Robert and have been a Hifi enthusiast since my childhood. Audio has for some reason always grabbed my attention.

    I've only in the last 2 years started moving away from my integrated receiver to components. Then, I started switching out gears when I was able to find them far, or just below market value to finance my curiosity One morning I got a fantastic deal on a Golden Tube Audio SE-40 and am now a converted tube aficionado. I found an audio electronics guru online with whom I have been tuning my entire system, mainly with PIO tuning caps in my speaker crossovers, power amp, and preamp. I would say I've reached a very reasonable level of high fidelity in my system and am actually fairly satisfied on how things sound now (particularly in light of the low total $ investment).

    Musical preferences are broad. I am actually quite a big fan of synth music, when it is done right, but generally find it very difficult to find good music in this area (Depeche Mode is my favorite, Simple Minds, A Flock of Seagulls, Japan, Blade Runner Soundtrack etc.). I also enjoy classical, jazz, rock and oldies.

    My upcoming audio endeavor will be a phono preamp DIY kit I just ordered. I've been told to stay away from phono DIYs as they are prone to distortion and noise, but hey, I admit I love to play around with electronics, so I'll just view this as a fund activity, even if it turn out a useless end-product

    Current setup IMG_3653.jpg:
    Turntable 1: Thorens TD320
    Cartridge 1: Nagaoka MP 500
    Turntable 2: Audio Technica AP-120 (highly modded, i.e. preamp removed, tone arm rewired, etc.)
    Cartridge 2: Ortofon 2M 78
    Phono Stage: Musical Fidelity V90-LPS
    DAC: Cambridge Audio CXN V2
    Preamp: Golden Tube Audio SEP-1 (modded w/ PIO caps)
    Poweramp: Golden Tube Audio SE 40 (modded w/ PIO caps)
    Speakers: Elac FS 209.2 (modded w/ PIO caps)
    Accessory: CablePro Noisetrapper NANA 8-Outlet Power Strip
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    I'm Rob.



    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.


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    I'm John.


    Hi Robert and welcome.

    That’s a lovely system and nicely presented, love those old box sets on the bottom shelf!

    Bet that sounds good, particularly like the look of those speakers.

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    I'm Phil.


    fab ... welcome .. i love synth music . got stacks of it

    just listening to the amazing Axess voices of dawn

    1]bel canto pre 3 vbs, ice power amps /onkyo sacd, modwright jolida dac
    sonos, . tannoy eaton legacy 2]bel canto pre 3 vbs bc ref s500 marantz sa8005, black ice dsd dac and RFC impulse ta`us , track audio stands

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Robert. Welcome to AOS.

    You'll find plenty going on here, so just join in any chat that interests you.

    Enjoy the forum,
    "when common sense, logic and plausibility are excluded. All that remain are foolishness and lies"

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Welcome to AoS Robert.

    Some nice gear you have there and an interesting collection of album covers on display - everything from Cream to Julie London.

    Enjoy the Forum

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