The Album Club choice for August 2020 comes courtesy of Loz (HackneyRF) with Weyes Blood 'Titanic Rising'. As always please listen to the album in its entirety before you comment and vote.

Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising

For the Album Club this time around I decided not to wheel out one of my old favourites but to highlight something reasonably contemporary. I've been enjoying some cracking releases so far this summer by Aksak Maboul, Beak, The Belbury Circle, Black Midi, Cate Le Bon, John Foxx and the Maths, Jon Hassell, Moses Boyd, Nadine Shah, Oren Ambarchi, Pan American, Swans, Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela, Vanishing Twin and William Basinski. Anyone one of these could and would have been a great choice and worth checking out in their own right. However I went for Weyes Blood's - Titanic Rising.

I'd not heard of Weyes Blood until hearing the song 'Movies' on the radio recently and was immediately drawn in. Natalie Mering has a great classy voice, the songs are really well crafted in a traditional sense but with a smattering of electronics and mystery thrown in. Needless to say I like it a lot and went out and bought the record and its been on frequently and sounds terrific! I can't say there are any weak songs at all. I won't make obvious comparisons to other musicians as that would be unfair to this uniquely individual talent. In all a great record. Hope you enjoy it.