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Thread: Album Club, August, 2020: Weyes Blood - 'Titanic Rising'

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    Default Album Club, August, 2020: Weyes Blood - 'Titanic Rising'

    The Album Club choice for August 2020 comes courtesy of Loz (HackneyRF) with Weyes Blood 'Titanic Rising'. As always please listen to the album in its entirety before you comment and vote.

    Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising

    For the Album Club this time around I decided not to wheel out one of my old favourites but to highlight something reasonably contemporary. I've been enjoying some cracking releases so far this summer by Aksak Maboul, Beak, The Belbury Circle, Black Midi, Cate Le Bon, John Foxx and the Maths, Jon Hassell, Moses Boyd, Nadine Shah, Oren Ambarchi, Pan American, Swans, Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela, Vanishing Twin and William Basinski. Anyone one of these could and would have been a great choice and worth checking out in their own right. However I went for Weyes Blood's - Titanic Rising.

    I'd not heard of Weyes Blood until hearing the song 'Movies' on the radio recently and was immediately drawn in. Natalie Mering has a great classy voice, the songs are really well crafted in a traditional sense but with a smattering of electronics and mystery thrown in. Needless to say I like it a lot and went out and bought the record and its been on frequently and sounds terrific! I can't say there are any weak songs at all. I won't make obvious comparisons to other musicians as that would be unfair to this uniquely individual talent. In all a great record. Hope you enjoy it.

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    Well, that's timing. I've just bought this on vinyl. I will endeavour to listen to it all the way through over the weekend and report back. I have her previous release 'Front row seat to earth' which is mesmerising, so I am hoping this is as enjoyable.

    Good call on the Cate Le Bon too. Certainly one of my favourite artists of the last 10 years. I love all of her albums, but Mug Museum is my favourite. If you enjoy catchy but slightly wonky pop, I recommend her collaboration with Tim Presley in their band 'Drinks' and she also produced H. Hawkline's 'I romanticise' which comes from a very similar place.

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    Hmmmm where to start? this definitely sits in the "music to chillax to" category and not an artist i've come across, stand out tracks for me are Everyday, Titanic Rising and Wild Time. So did i like it, would i buy it? i think she is an artist that will grow on you as is this album which is a good thing and as it's a bit different from most other music i have so yes i probably would, i'll give it a few more listens on Spotify to make sure though, so for the moment it's a solid 7/10 as i'm not 100% convinced.

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    I'm Richard.


    Loving it and it will quite possibly overshadow 'Front row seat to Earth' as my favourite album after a few more listens I'm sure. This one seems a bit more evenly balanced with stronger songs throughout.
    If I'm to make any comparisons it's reminiscent of John Grant's 'Queen of Denmark' album, with a bit of Aimee Mann and maybe a little bit of This Mortal Coil.

    9/10 - I WANT to listen to it more. I've not had a new album do that to me in a good while.

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    A very relaxing listen. Her voice reminded me of Rumer, all very similar. 7/10.
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    I listened to this yesterday and found it very good, the odd track reminded me of Enya but in a modern good way. I listened whilst reading the lyrics on her web-site, most of the album is based around love, and angst. I like it prettifying much and gave it 9/10.
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    I don't know what to make of this album. Her voice sounds uncannily like Karen Carpenter, and her singing style at times reminds me of Lesley Duncan. The lyrics are intelligent - when you can hear them.

    But the album is hopelessly over-produced with an overwhelming synthesised 'orchestral' wash. After the seventh track, I had heard enough and was about to give up - but we are encouraged to listen to all albums in their entirety, so I persevered and actually enjoyed the remaining tracks. These later tracks are much simpler and all the better for it, being free of the dominant and distracting Spectoresque 'wall of sound'.

    I was about to give it a very low score, but decided to listen to it again at a later date (something I have never done before with any Album Club choice). I have just do so, and I'm afraid I haven't really changed my opinion. Sorry, the album's not for me. 6/10

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