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Thread: Could Art of Sound make money off Ebay?

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    Default Could Art of Sound make money off Ebay?

    I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong here, but this is getting weird. I posted a suggestion about how AoS could possibly make money from Ebay by carrying their banner below the welcome page. Apparently, anyone going to Ebay via this link and bidding on something, even if they are outbid, automatically triggers a payment to AoS from Ebay. There's an American audio site that has been doing this for over a year now. It sounds too good to be true but it's not. Ebay is the only worldwide internet auction site; their 'take' is that people find Art of Sound, read the posts and think "hey, that sounds interesting". They see the link, click on it and sometimes find what they've just read about. Even if they don't buy it, every bid they make pushes the final price up and increases Ebay's commission. Special interest sites like Art of Sound in the U.K. and AudioKarma in the USA funnel a lot of buyers to Ebay; I bought my SX-1980 and other gear on Ebay after reading about them on AudioKarma.

    sorry if I'm doing something wrong? I've posted about this twice now; in the two previous threads I included a link to the thread on AudioKarma that covered this subject in detail. The weird thing? Neither posts appeared on Art of Sound. Is Ebay one of those dirty little secrets that no-one talks about (but most people go there?) or was it the link to another website that was the problem?

    Anyway, if this post doesn't appear, I'll know that these are waters that the powers that be have decided not to paddle in

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    It sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing. We would not be just deleting a suggestion like this without at least offering some kind of explanation.

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    Default Thanks Steve,

    Sorry about the tetchy sounding post; what sounds clever at 4 AM doesn't usually survive daylight. Here's the link to the AudioKarma thread; it goes into a lot more detail about the whole idea


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    Mmmmm, interesting **chur ching - cue 'Money' by Pink Floyd.**
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    Another thing that AudioKarma does is host audio fests. Merchants display and demo their wares. Probably have guest speakers. I believe their attendance is quite large.
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    Hi Jim,

    We (or rather one of our members 'alb') are doing exactly that in a hall in Chester, England on 23rd August

    You'll be able to read all about it on the forum...


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    May be there is a need or use for a classified section in the UK. If there is one, I don't know. Audiogon has just adopted a policy similar to PayPal wherein they recieve a transaction fee. Not very popular with guys posting items for sale but it is the only really big game in town. Audiogon is talking about implementing a European site. Hope you guys beat them to it. This is your backyard, not theirs.
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