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Thread: What does one consider to be the best sounding tonearm

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    I'm Chris.


    My SME V has been fettled by Johnny and has the Kondo silver wire and is without a doubt the best arm I've ever owned or used.
    It sounds dynamic, big and bold, wonderfully open with stunning bass.

    Just recently bought a Hana SL cartridge and am very happy with this, marvellous.

    We've gone on holiday by mistake !

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    I'm Mike.


    I've recently heard from a reputable source that SME may in fact be in some difficulty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fear is the company may not survive!!

    As the late Colonel Sanders once said
    "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken!!"

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    I'm Nari.


    I heard that sme have got rid of some of the workforce and downscaled operations as they are not doing any other engineering work any more.
    Most important and used Walker Black Diamond Etsuro Gold, Micro Seiki 8000mk2 Kondo special V12 Tiger Eye, Fidelity Research FR 66 Shindo spu, EMT 927, sme 312 aluminium. Fidelity research fr66, Sme 3012 mk1, Sme V, Ikeda 407 IT Sme Model 30/2/Dynavector 507 Kodo Beat Turntable Airtangent 10B modified Fidelity fr66s Etsuro Cartridge . Kondo Gakuoh Mk1 powers G70 Pre,Audio Tekne TFA-8695PCS pre Audio Tekne TEA 8695 Phono. Lfd Battery Phono Stage heavily custom rebuilt by Dr Richard Bews, Tharx Phono Stage. Lfd Master Dual Biamp power amp, Lfd Anniversary master preamp. Shindo Latour Field Coil. Rockport Cygnus Biamped, Voigt Domestic Corner Horns/ Feastex Fildcoils. LFD Custom silver Ribbons. LFD Diamond Vipor Mk2 interconnects, Lfd Golden Cobra interconnect. Koetsu blue lace mono special order, Koetsu burma jade mono special order.

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