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Thread: Luxman DA 06 DSD DAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordy View Post
    I have owned one for the last 5-6 years. I first heard one at an Audio show in Tokyo when they launched in an all Luxman system and was blown away by it. Some years later, when my chance came to buy a used one on a trip to Tokyo I jumped at the chance and have been delighted with it ever since. It replaced a Cyrus DAC X+ at the time and was a significant upgrade for me. I also own both a Chord Hugo 2 and a Naim DAC / XPS and its the Luxman that retains pride of place in my main system. Absolute battleship of a DAC too. I love mine and have no plans whatsoever to change it.
    Hi, can I just ask, do you use the XLR connection for yor source unit, or just phono.
    The reason I'm curious is that I've noticed when I play my CDP/Sonos/server through the 06 the music is quite a bit quieter than if I play my CDP directly through my amp. I'm using digital XLR to DAC from CDP and two balanced XLR's from CDP to amp.
    Hope I haven't confused you too much.
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