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Thread: R.I.P Bill Withers

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    I'm Andrew.

    Default R.I.P Bill Withers

    Another one bites the dust , my father would often have his albums playing

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    I'm Robert.


    No !

    Sad - One of my staple when i'm spinning the tunes, too many excellent tracks
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    I'm Neil.


    RIP Bill
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Adam.


    Lovely Bill
    Sleep well...
    "lack of passion is fatal"

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    Yes, I saw it on the news today. Another sad loss.

    RIP Bill.

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    I'm Dave.


    God bless Bill. Gave us some lovely music.

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    I'm Alan.


    One of my favourite listens... RIP bud...

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    Live At Carnegie Hall is superb. One of the best live albums ever, largely because it really does feel live, as well as containing many great songs. I Can't Write Left Handed stops me in my tracks every time. RIP.


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