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Thread: NEBO 11 update

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    Thumbs down NEBO 11 update

    Fellow Neboites. I have had to pull the sensible lever on Nebo 11. I thinks we have to be safe and also respect not only the law but the danger it may pose on health be it ours or those we could infect. Best to live safely and arrange it at a more appropriate time. I know this is a disappointment but i would rather do it now rather than a week or a few days before the event. So it is now on hold. Really sorry guys. Hopefully those who may have arranged accomodation will get the chance to obtain a refund or a coupon rebooking at a later date. Many thanks and once again my apology.

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    Echo your thoughts on this Steve.Good luck to every one ,and will see you all when this has passed ....Take care,stay safe.... Mick
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    Right decision

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    Yup , right decision Steve . See you all at the next one

    Stay safe everyone

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    Good call Steve, can always pick it up later.
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    No ones fault Steve, it is what it is and there's nothing anyone can really do apart from follow government guidance, basically stay in and away from people and listen to some tunes, i mean there really isn't a better excuse is there. As always Steve i'll be attending regardless of when it is i'll make time and i'll bring the new Prima Luna Evo400 integrated amp along with the Rega as i'm really interested to hear them with your Kralks.

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