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Thread: Ortofon Kontrapunkt B Cartridge

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    I'm Paul.


    Expert Stylus should also be able to do the repair no problem.... Always been happy with Wyndham's work....
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    I'm Stuart.


    You can send it back to Ortofon for a full rebuild to original spec for €870.
    You cant better than an Ortofon rebuild, unless you want to change the stylus shape.

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    Kilian Bakker used to work for Ortofon, I'm led to believe.

    Have him refurb it and put a Fritz Gyger S on the end of it, you'll be grinning like a Cheshire cat, once properly set up and you hear it, it's amazing and I was also very surprised at the cost.

    Lets just say a lot less than the 870euro quoted above that Ortofon are asking - I know what I'd do, having gone that route already - no hesitation.
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    Ortofon rebuild any time of the day for me , basically you're getting brand new cartridge in old body with warranty and fully tested .
    Kilian is good but he can only replace stylus , clean coils if there is no damage due to debris getting there and reset suspension , tie wire - I believe full re-built is no longer an option as some parts are not available to him.

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    I'm keith.


    No hesitation, send it too:
    Killian is your man,

    I've heard his work on a Kontrapunkt B and on a Ortofon Vienna.

    If I had the funds, I'd have bought this and sent it to him!

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