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Thread: kt88 power tubes

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    Default kt88 power tubes

    an interesting one,
    ive just replaced my gec kt88's (quad) with sovtek kt88's. now i know the gec's are supposed to be the holy grail of kt88's and command huge sums but im not hearing a huge drop in the sound,infact the sovteks seem to have a bit more omph to them,there is a subtle difference in clarity in favour of the gec's at the moment but the sovteks need some hours on them.

    the price difference is 4 gec's 1000+ and the sovteks were 90!
    do different brand power valves really make that much difference to the sound,at the moment i think not.
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    I was very surprised by the humble performance of my JJ kt88's. In my Ming Da they outperformed Gold Lion reissues (about the best of new production I've found until now) by some margin.

    Their bass quality is something quite special. They sound how they look, fat.

    All about the circuit and what performs best in that circuit.

    I love finding a cheap equivalent to replace expensive/unobtainable tubes.

    Haven't heard a real GEC though....
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    Good to hear that the sovteks are performing well, i and many others rated them.

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    I rather like Shuguang power valves but I wouldn't touch their signal valves.

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