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Thread: MIT Cables Z Powerbar mains block & Conditioner

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    Default MIT Cables Z Powerbar mains block & Conditioner

    MIT Cables Z Powerbar mains block & Conditioner

    UK retail back in 2015 was £1650.

    This is the UK 230V version and comes with its original box and internal packaging. Including the Z power cable to connect the block to the mains.

    Black unit with rack ears, it is in good condition with some very minor marks that cannot be seen in the photo.

    What was once on the MIT website below. They now feature their mega dollar new versions.

    A unique and modern approach to an old problem: Dirty Power.

    The Z Powerbar uses (patented) parallel noise filtration circuits, removing AC line noise you can hear through every speaker, and noise you can see on your new high definition display.
    By controlling line noise, you will enjoy ‘blacker’ blacks, better saturation of color, and a deepening of the ability to see details in the shadows like never before!

    Multiple patented, parallel tuned filters operating over the widest bandwidth, engineered to remove noise from your AC power line. (Unlike series filters, the Z Powerbar will not limit current or dynamics!).

    Power Factor correction: reduces transmission losses and improves voltage regulation.

    Elimination of common mode and differential mode noise. Works on line coupled, field coupled and insertion noise from other components.
    Surge and spike protection for noise-free A/V performance and improved service life.
    10 amp fuse with reset switch.

    Excellent for silent AV power distribution near fluorescent lights and low voltage lighting.
    Includes approved power cord and outlets.

    Only thing non-standard is the IEC inlet which was upgraded to a Furutech gold plated type of the cheaper original.

    Bargain at £SOLD UK post.

    Actual item for sale - below:

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