Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 cd transport and SFD-1 Mk2 valve dac with colossal upgrades

Regarding the Transport:
These are superb to start with!
It now has an oak fascia surround (looks better to me) but the original larger stainless steel version will be included. So a one off in terms of looks but you can revert back to the original.

Design has over-beefy and regulated power supplies with two potted toroidal transformers.

Has remote control and box.

•Biggest of which is the clock, now a Dexa Technologies D-Clock Neutron Star 2 Reference. These are $425 on their own.
•Dampening to chassis, transformers and chassis
•Mains IEC filter removed and now a non-filtered gold plated type
•Fuse is now a Synergistic Research Black

Unbelievably good! World class.
Price is £950 incl post

Dac is on another level!

End game and the only dac one could ever need.
In stock form these are epic! They use the UltraAnalogue D20400-A chip, which some is the best made?

It also uses the Pacific Microsonics PMD 100 HDCD decoder.

Has a matching oak surround to that of the CD-T but I also have the original stainless steel surround if someone prefers that look.

Upgrades (50 of them):

•Mains IEC filter removed and now a non-filtered gold plated type
•Fuse is now a Synergistic Research Black
•All film capacitors (bar 2 in the power supply have been upgraded).
•Analogue board caps to Mundorf ZN (14 of them), and the output caps (x4) to Clarity Cap CSA types but to the value of 10uF. Original caps were 3.3uF but the ex-owner of Sonic Frontiers and now owner of Parts Connexxion recommended this value as best and lowers the output impedance. These caps are bypassed (part of the original design) with Modwright film/oil types.
•All 18 electrolytic caps upgraded so good for a few more decades
•Other film caps and bypass caps upgraded to Mundorf and Modwright.
•Dampening applied (also on transformers)
•Output vacuum tubes now Philips SQ and treated with Audio Magic Black Out Paint as with as sporting some Herbies Tube Dampers.
•Output RCA’s now gold over copper types (by DH Labs)
•XLR outputs also upgraded
•Study the photos to see how much work has been done to this dac!

An end game dac with loads of cash spent to take it to the max. Very analogue in presentation.

Original box. Collection or meet up very much preferred please.

£1050 bargain!