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Thread: Kitchen Audio Systems

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    I'm Chris.

    Default Kitchen Audio Systems

    Whats in yours ? and what do you enjoy about it
    Mine is a Marantz 2230B receiver and Celestion Ditton 10's , so FM radio presently.

    I enjoy it for news broadcasts and classical music or jazz on another channel, its great for
    organizing breakfast lunch and dinner with.

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    I'm Shane.


    Used to have a Bose Wave many years ago. Good enough for the job!

    Shane Lonergan.

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    I'm Lawrence.


    Pure Siesta alarm clock dab. Low profile so fits nicely between the microwave and top cupboards, as space is at a premium in our kitchen.

    Ideally I'd like a low profile dab/Bluetooth speaker with a bit more power than the Siesta if anyone knows of one? Max height 2".

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    I'm Steve.


    Echo Dot and Cambridge Audio Minx Go. Good enough for me
    Pining for the fjords? What kind of talk is that? And why did he fall flat on his back the minute I got him home?

    T/T: Inspire Monarch, X200 tonearm, Ortofon 2M Black. Phono: Yaqin MS-22B CD: Densen Beat B400 Plus; Headphone/pre: Myryad Z40; Amp: Audion Silver Night 300b stereo
    Speakers: Zu Omen Def. Atlas Equator interconnects, Atlas Hyper 3.0 speaker cables

    T'other system:
    Echo Dot, Amptastic Mini-1, Celestion 5's, BK XLS-200 DF

    Panasonic 42" plasma, Panasonic Blu Ray, Sony a/v amp, MA Radius speakers, REL Storm sub

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    I'm Paul.


    RPi 3A+ running piCoreplayer
    IQAudIO DigiAMP
    Eltax Monitor 3's
    (LMS running on an RPi4)

    Hidden in the ceiling beams, running off a 24v powerbrick. Terrific ease of use via phone app or laptop/PC, can access all my music on the server, UK radio stations, Radio Paradise etc. Wife's iPhone can cast whatever she is listening to/watching on youtube etc.
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    I'm CHIPPED.


    Used to have a kitchen system but these days I just crank up the main system so I can hear it in there (who needs Sonos).

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    I'm Gary.


    +1 ^^^^^
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    I'm Dave.


    Ruark R4. Old IPod one.
    Kraken, Saturn, Emotion, Flying V Rocket, Planets.

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    I'm Neil.


    Amazon Echo Dot mounted on the plug socket. Perfect for my needs, and hands-free is great in the kitchen.
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    I'm guy.


    Rega Kyte, Naim Nait 3 and Denon TU260L (mainly, very occasional use of Arcam alpha 7 CD player as source).

    30' Kitchen/diner, great for having a boogie to the radio when I am cooking. Although radio 2 is variable in output to say the least.

    I keep meaning to set up a Raspberry pi to gain access to some decent broadcasts.
    LP12, Ittok, DV10X5, NVA Phono 2 (twin supply), NVAP50/A4O'S, LS5, Rega Ela mk1's.
    Sony CDP XB930.

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