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Thread: Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post
    Heard these at Cranage, really excellent.

    Did wonder if I could suspend them like my Quads
    you probably could but you might have a bit of a headache after bumping into them !
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    Great pictures again Justin . Thanks for posting

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    That Audionote Cobra amp looks interesting.

    Shane Lonergan.

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    A new Rogers 6L6 E20 replacement coming soonish too with a two box E40 to follow I believe.

    Their was a prototype there for the E20 replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southall-1998_mk2 View Post
    That Audionote Cobra amp looks interesting.

    Yes, looks good VFM as AN gear goes. Sounded not bad, though there wasn’t a lot of bass in the room. Down to the room to be fair though.
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    I went on Friday and was greatly underwhelmed by the show. I’ve been going since 2005 only missing 2019 as I was out of the country. I will not be returning. Quite a few of the exhibitors were saying the same.
    I suspect that the HiFi News event at Ascot racecourse will become the DeFacto go to show from now on. Easy to get to, free parking, bigger rooms.
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