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Thread: Bristol HiFi Show 22 & 23rd Feb 2020

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    Default Bristol HiFi Show 22 & 23rd Feb 2020

    This year, after an absence of maybe 15 years sees the return of Living Voice and Kevin Scott. He will be there promoting LV and Definitive Audio and a new turntable from Kuzma.

    For me that one room will justify the admission price. I can still clearly remember him playing No Quarter & Stairway to Heaven from my 'The Song Remains The Same' LP on his mega system. Jimmy Page has never sounded the same since!

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    wow , let us know how you get on. that room will be packed
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    Packed rooms might not be the best place to be just now

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    I find Sunday morning is a nice time to get around and avoid the crowds, hopefuly I can listen to a few of my records. I'd like to hear Force by A Certain Ratio, Dub to Africa by Prince Fari and One Flight Up by Dexter Gordan, it a good way to judge the standing of your own system

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    The LV room is at the top of my list, looking forward to it.
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