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Thread: LP12 Troubles

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    Can I suggest a helpful member on here phones the dealer up on behalf of the OP, with him having told the dealer first that his freind is calling who understands these things better, and work out exactly what he's getting for his money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YNWaN View Post
    You shouldn’t need a new motor either - or at least it is very unlikely. Presumably you had a Linn Valhalla power supply and these are known to fail given time. However, they aren’t difficult, or particularly expensive to repair. Another popular choice is to replace it with a Hercules which also gives 45rpm.
    Valhalla packed up on my eight year old LP12, and Linn supplied a replacement FOC, even though I'd bought the deck secondhand. And the dealer fitted it for £40. Ok this was late 80's and prices do go up, but this just sounds wrong.
    Pining for the fjords? What kind of talk is that? And why did he fall flat on his back the minute I got him home?

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    Erm, that sounds absolutely awful. I am mid-system-upgrade right now. Some bits back (if you have an old analogue system, search if yours can be re-capped. Meridian 500 owners are fortunate with 2 ex-Meridian employees running service organisations) and some bits still away including my 1987 Linn Sondek LP12. The first thing I did was email Linn - most helpful. Customer Support, Linn Products Limited, Tel: +44 (0) 141 303 5003, Fax: +44 (0) 141 644 4262 www.linn.co.uk helpline@linn.co.uk

    I emailed the dealers and contacted my closest, Audio T, great response. Good feedback on them in the Linn Sondek LP12 Facebook group confirmed that and it's now with them for the upgrades suggested by Linn and some more stuff. It doesn't sound to me that your dealer cares or is competent or is a proper Linn dealer. If they claim to be, enlist the aid of Linn - your description is of unacceptable service/standards. HTH.
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    Sounds dodgy - my Valhalla burnt out, I left it in a cupboard for over ten years then sold it on eBay last year for just over £50 (still in non working condition).

    Sorry to hear of you difficulties, but also, "forgetting" to fit new motor sounds slapdash to say the least - how is suspension, bouncing nicely? Removing Valhalla and ultimately the motor will require a reset. Does price include new belt?
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    Hello again Many thanks again for your comments. I think I am stuck until I get the LP12 back. Lawrence made the suggestion that someone who knows about these issues might agree to talk to the dealer about what is being done. I am beginning to suspect that the power supply was never changed! I would obviously talk to the dealer first to explain. Is there anyone who would like to do this for me!!?? In return I will name one of our brook faeries after you and also make you an amazing pen (fountain, rollerball or ballpoint) (when new lathe arrives in two weeks) Thanks again.

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    Are you a pen maker? That's amazing, I'm a huge fan of fountain pens and constantly scour YouTube in search of pen-making videos... There is a very good documentary about Japanese pan makers. I was amazed to see that they can cut perfect threads using manual instruments!

    Sorry for going off topic.

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    I have been watch those videos as well, sadly though another craft dieing out.

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    Wow this all sound very suspect.
    I have just built an LP12 from scratch (using parts I have bought second hand and some new consumable parts).
    Having researched prices and how to build the turntable (Cymbiosis has an excellent 'how to' guide and supply many Linn parts).
    A new motor is about £180, new springs and grommets are about £16 a set, new belt £50, replacement power supply depends on what you go for, but I re-capped/upgraded bridge rectifier etc on my Valhalla for about £16. The turntable is now playing better than I have ever heard an LP12 in my system. Speed is spot on and my bitsa Lp12 turntable is far better than the one I bought many years ago as a fully serviced/running deck.
    I was always a bit frightened to touch my old LP12 due to the mystery that surrounds the set-up, even though the sound was never anything special.
    Having done one from scratch I realise it just takes a bit of patience.
    I followed Peter Swains set-up guide and there really isn't too much to the set up of a fairly simple LP12 (mine is an afro fluted plinth, Valhalla, premotech motor, Linn Basik arm and pre-circus bearing).
    I'd not be happy with the service provided by the "Linn authorised" dealer!
    If you're near Cymbiosis headquarters I'd ask Peter to take a look at it.
    I'd demand all the old parts returned or refuse to pay for the new ones (especially when he "forgot" to change the motor!!!).
    Sounds like very poor service to me.

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    There is no magic or mystique in setting up an LP12, it's straightforward if you are handy. Having said that, I have seen many dire set ups over my years and some have been done (very badly) by Linn dealers.

    Once you have done a few, it's quite easy and I don't see how some of the prices for set up can be justified. I usually charge £60 for set up and service + any parts and that is sufficient.

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    As many before have said the dealer is taking the piss, if he didn't have the skill set he should have been up front with you and said so, also if he had it in his workshop surely he must have tested it before returning it to you, so that all you would have needed to do is get it level, my advice find a better dealer or befriend a local enthusiast who knows what he's doing.

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