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Thread: LP12 Troubles

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    Default LP12 Troubles

    Hello. I have finally finished a total revamp of my system which now includes Tannoy Arden speakers, Radford STA amp, Audiolab 8000C pre, Linn Selekt renderer, Stax SR L700 headphones. To my ancient ears it sounds wonderful but the cherry on the cake was to be the return of my ill LP12. I have purchased most of my new equipment from a single dealer who is Linn approved. Several months ago the LP12 just stopped working. I took it to the dealer who said the power supply board was fried and the motor was dead. I paid £623 to get the LP12 repaired and serviced which the dealer said he did personally. Yesterday the dealer came over to return mended LP12 and do the room optimisation for the Linn Selekt. When he came to set up the LP12 I had to point out that the turntable needed levelling and had to find a spirit level – it needed considerable adjustment. Next problem was that the turntable took an age to get to speed and the dealer said that he had forgotten to actually replace the motor so would have to come back. We got the turntable up to speed and although Moondance sounded good, there was no real volume even with the pre turned fully up. I had no problems with my previous Naim NAC62/NAP90 setup but dealer said this was due to a different phono setup on the Naim (?). The LP12 currently has an Akito arm with a Corus Blue cartridge and the dealer has said that a Goldring 1042 would work well. Because my brain is a moving magnet with one magnet missing, I did not really take any of this up with the dealer yesterday but I am now feeling really unsettled and stuck. What I would like advice on is whether I should just accept the suggestion and buy a new cartridge or whether there are other avenues to explore. I am not very technically minded so am in the hands of people who are. I am not sure I have much confidence left with my dealer but as I said before, I feel stuck. Many thanks

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    Sorry if this is a "sucking eggs" suggestion but: First thing I'd check is that the phono lead from the turntable is actually connected into phono in and not another input of your pre-amp (eg. CD or Aux).
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    As above - first check the LP12 is plugged into the right input. You shouldn’t need a new cartridge unless something monumentally catastrophic has happened to it but I’ve never known this to happen!

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    Apologies, I may have misinterpreted this...
    Did you say you paid £623 for a service and new power board and motor, then the dealer after struggling to get the deck to speed, admitted he 'forgot' to replace the motor?

    obviously this does not sound right!
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    PM sent.

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    Sounds like you need to finds a new dealer and get your money back from the man in the big hat and chaps who is clearly not up to the job of repairing your LP12

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    +1, did you pay by card? Also I wonder if a call to Linn to discuss how they approve their dealers is on the cards (once this is sorted, no point in winding him up further yet).

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    Many thanks for comments. I assumed the dealer knew which were the correct connections but now more worried! I am a bit stuck given my turntable is with the dealer so I suppose I am committed to a new cartridge. I will ask for the old one back plus the old motor. He said he could not give me the old power supply board back as it was dangerous so he binned it. When this is sorted I will follow up the contact with Linn. Thanks

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    Not all Linn dealers are turntable specialists. Some are up to date with the latest electronics but have no clue about the LP playing side of things.

    The old Valhalla board had a couple of things which were very common faults. As Linn stockists we used to have a bag of parts to replace on the PCB - a 10 minute job when you knew how. Maybe that is why the board wasn't returned to you ?

    As to motors, I have never seen a faulty one - noisy yes, but running slow or not at all, I have not experienced. In this case you were informed that the motor was 'dead', so how come it worked, albeit slowly, when the turntable was returned from repair without a new motor ?

    Isn't the Corus Blue a Goldring in drag ?

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    I’d have to agree with folk as it sounds like you’ve not paid for much more than a tickle of your own parts plus now a new cartridge on top due to him not plugging it in correctly. With the new cartridge and using the phono input I am guessing you’ll get a knowing “there you go......”.


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