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Thread: Tag MacLaren

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    Default Tag MacLaren

    Does anyone have experience of their products?

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    Most tag products were reskin of audiolab models. If u like late 90s audiolab, you will like tag.
    But despite the price hike and swanky packaging and marketing The stereo products are best considered mid-fi rather than the high end customer they were pitched at.
    That said, their av products at the time were excellent, the avr32 and 5x100w amp springs to mind, offering decent music and stunning ht sound for the time.

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    As a stockist at the time, I would say that the products were mediocre, style over substance and relied very heavily on marketing. Anyone remember the full page ads in every magazine featuring a Tag McLaren race car with a postage stamp sized pic of an amp in the corner ? They mistakenly thought that the tie up with Formula 1 would sell the products.

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