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Thread: Headphone amp

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    I'm henry.

    Default Headphone amp

    Hi all after a cheap head phone amp for very occasional listening say budget 50 -100 recommendations or offers most welcome regards H

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    I'm Alf.


    Hi Henry

    Are your phones high or low impedance jobbies as this will affect choices and suitability of head amps for your phones.

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    I'm Andre.


    Very subjective these things. Some people will say a certain unit is not great, another will say the opposite. Also tricky judging one unit with a certain headphone.

    I use S.M.S.L 'SAP-9' with AKG 'K141 Mk.2 & Citronic 'CE-22'

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    I'm henry.


    They are B&W p 1 s does this help ?

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    I'm Phillip.


    I can recommend:
    Schiit Magni 3+ or Schiit Magni Heresy - https://www.audiosciencereview.com/f...reviews.10311/
    JDS Atom -https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-new-jds-labs-atom-headphone-amp.5262/

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    I'm henry.


    Opppps meant B&w p5

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    I'm Andy.


    Recommend the Myryad Z40 - great headphone amp and also works very well as a pre amp.
    Got mine for £95 a few years back - not sure if they are still available in the UK?
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    Network Player.
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    Pure Sound A30
    Reiver Jenna floor standers
    Sennheiser HD545 Ref, HD600, HD477
    Headphone Amp
    Myryad Z40 (also used as a pre amp)
    Backup Speakers.
    TDL RTL2, Some home made concoction...
    Backup Amps
    Audiolab 8000a, Armstrong something or other, Amstrad Quadraphonic something or other, home built EL34 power amps.....

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    I'm steve.

    Default Headphone amp

    Check out the Askewlabs website. A British one man band who builds everything himself, he does mains or rechargeable battery options, had one of his early battery operated ones when I went through a short lived headphone phase, couldn’t fault it. Think he gives a lifetime warranty on them if memory serves.


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    I'm Vince.


    I totally agree with Andy about the Myryad Z40. A cracking remote controllable headphone anp that has pre-out, so can be used as a pre-amp. The sound is rather nice as well. Definitely worth hunting one out.

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    I'm howard.


    I have a meier corda concerto amp you can have for £100 delivered


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