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Thread: Possible amp change .

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    I'm Philip.

    Default Possible amp change .

    Or it could be titled best amp for NS1000's .

    My amp / speaker combo has been settled for a while , its a Yamaha AS-2100 into NS1000's ( domestic version ) and it sounds great and does everything I need but I am getting an itch to try a different amp ( I know I'm doomed to a lifetime of box swapping :-) ) .

    I have previously tried a valve amp ( Luxman SQ38S ) and whilst it had its plus points it wasn't best suited the the NS1000's , it was a very low NFB design which I think contributed to it struggling with the bass . Also a vintage Yamaha C4/M4 pre power combo which was uber fast , dynamic and detailed but lacked colour and texture . The AS-2100 sits somewhere in the middle .

    If the V(irtually) U(seless) meters on the AS-2100 are to be believed my listening is all done with less than one watt so there should be plenty of options .

    So what do you think folks , can you help me compile a list for a bit of internet research , new or old it doesn't matter .

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    I'm Chris.


    Hi Philip
    I made a decision about 6 years ago to use mono block style power amps, with passive LDR attenuation. I settled on 2x Quad 306 where one channel of each amp
    drives each speaker. The NS1000 midrange as you likely already know in particular deserves really good low distortion amplification.

    My next choice would be 2x Quad 303 - although now elderly they are a very good amplifier when restored.

    All the best finding the right combination,

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    I'm Chris.


    I often wonder if things have 'got better' over the years ...re using old equipment. I still happily use a Hafler DH 101/200 combination (albeit with some uprated/modded ingredients). And my Leak 3090 speakers stlll sound excellent.
    Good design lasts.

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    I'm Philip.


    I am enjoying my Lentek integrated with kef 104/2.
    I really like the combination.

    It is also supposed to be a great match with your yams.

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    I'm Geoff.


    I have had the NS1000 with many amps and my personal opinion is that they sound excellent with most things! I have heard them, or had them, on the end of whopping solid state, small T amps and valves. My favourite with them is the Lentek, which is fussier than its size and weight would suggest, but well matched is an outstanding design.
    Main system: Sony TTS8000; SME IV; Audio Technica Art1; Denon PMA-850; SBT; Technics sh-x1000 DAC; Yamaha NS1000.
    System 2 - SBT; Kinshaw Perception DAC; Lentek and Klark Teknik Jade 1 studio monitors

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    I'm Dennis.


    I wouldn't recommend a Quad 303 having bought one in about '76 and found it to lack the necessary control on a pair of Tannoy Gold 15" bass wise. I Sold it very quickly.

    IMO most modern SS amps, especially those which are DC coupled right through are pretty near perfect, with only a slight signature, I've had a few and they were all very good. The speaker is a far more variable factor with many times the distortion, even than the NS1000 at about 0.1% in the mid.

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    I'm openingabottleofwine.


    I wouldn't recommend a Quad 303 either. They have a relatively high output impedance, so only a moderate damping factor. They were principally designed to partner the Quad 57 electrostatics, whose panels have a very low mass anyway so need little damping.

    When it came to use with Tannoy speakers, most studios chose the Quad 50E monoblocks with output transformer coupling.

    A better choice might be the 405-2 and later models.

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    I'm Philip.


    Has anyone tried a class a Sugden or Pathos TT with some Yammies ? .

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    I'm John.


    Orbscure on the wam is very happily using an Accuphase E-306 with his Yammies.

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    I'm shahrin.


    try a cheap n cheerful TPA3255 from China. get a 48V switching PSU - its immune to the vagaries of that.
    Plenty of power., grip on bass and surprisingly good on the highs - the NS1000 never seems harsh at all at all.
    Thorens td124 mk2 / 3012 S2 / SL15Q / MC15 Super II
    Marantz CD63 / Squeezebox Touch / Nak CA5 / ESP eXO / TPA3255 and Nak PA7 amps / JK Wynn semiactive NS1000 upgrade

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