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Thread: How to know a half speed mastered record is what it says

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    Premium pressings normally cost vastly more than non premium, obv.
    To be sure, buy from reputable dealers/shops.
    Stick to known producers of such products, MFSL, Analogue Productions, Classic Records, Music Matters and, as been said, the likes of Abbey Road store.

    If you can't find a proper review of a premium pressing (or half speed) then it probably isn't as most of the premium cuts create a buzz when issued..

    other than that.... you pays your money and takes your chances I suppose!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dave2010 View Post
    Do your discs sound any good? It would surely be very hard for anyone not on the inside, or with forensic knowledge and test equipment to be able to verify or counter the claims, particularly if the recordings sound acceptable enough. The master disc might show signatures due to the material relaxing in a different way from a full speed master, but then a stamper would be produced in order to make the discs, and if there wasn't a huge run of discs, the finally produced records would probably not show any signs of how the master had been produced. If the run was large, then it would be even harder to tell, as each sub master would introduce more errors I think.

    I think looking at the HF response and distortion in the HF might be the best bet, but at the end of the day, as with many things, you probably won't have any definitive answers. If the records sound very poor, then I would tend to assume the claims are invalid. Otherwise, if they sound spectacularly good, the claims are perhaps true.

    It would be interesting to know what you think of the discs, and what you yourself decide about their production.
    all the half speed mastered albums I own were bought used, some from a Canadian reviewers collection and sound outstanding. As for the new ones being offered I haven't bought any to know how good they are and why I was asking the original question. As some are from abbey road studios I would expect them to be genuine, but how good they sound I wouldn't know and as all the Beatles albums Ive heard don't sound all that I probably will stick to older mint copies.
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    The only ones I have owned in the past have had exceptional high frequency quality but I guess that ultimately there is no true guarantee. Although mine were Mobile Fidelity I am talking about the early eighties.

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