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Thread: Neil Peart RIP

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    Default Neil Peart RIP


    Common sense isn't anymore!

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    Genuine downer here.
    In school, when I was a confused Kid, 2112 live...Exit Stage Left, the drumming made me say “feck it’ and not care about saying what I wanna say.
    Philosophy I took forward done me no harm in Adulthood.

    Truly...enjoy every sandwich.

    Enjoying Hifi 'n stuff.

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    One of the greatest drummers of all time in one of the greatest bands. A truly gifted and nice guy. He will be certainly missed by many.
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    I'm Neil.


    Tears running down my face here, very sad news

    Thank you Neil for the music and wonderful lyrics.
    Regards Neil

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    Very sad news

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    So grateful for his work. Time for reflection. RIP.


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    Heard about this last night. I will be having a rush afternoon, probably farewell to kings, 2112, and then hemispheres.

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    Such sad news, a true great who will be sorely missed RIP.

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    +1 for the selection - at their best. Would also include a side of caress of steel too - some awesome drumming on there.

    Quote Originally Posted by REXTON View Post
    Heard about this last night. I will be having a rush afternoon, probably farewell to kings, 2112, and then hemispheres.
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    We seem to have two of this thread going

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