Hi Everyone,

So here we go, the first new product on demo at HFL for 2020 and a new brand actually, now I must admit that I really do try hard to not bring on so many brands as I have in the past but when the iFi guys bought in the Aurora I was so impressed that I couldn't resist, firstly I love the styling, it really does bring something new to the Wireless / Bluetooth speaker category, admittedly it isn't going to be to everyone's taste but there is no denying that it makes a statement but mainly the main thing that impresses is the Aurora's sound quality.

This is a product that you can tell has been designed with a lot of thought and care, firstly it performs in the analogue domain with no DSP applied, it has a 6N3P valve in the Preamp stage, it even scans your room when starting up to tune it to get the best sound possible and it has so many inputs that it can cater for the most demanding of listener, it even has a pair of RCA input so you can hook a turntable up to it, it supports all streaming features via an app and needless to say is BlueTooth also with a cutting edge Sabre DAC at the heart of it all, there is much more to this product than this but please see below for all the info but the long and short of it is that it gives a very analogue sound so if you fancy a listen anytime please pop in -