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Thread: Ortofon Red Cartridge for Rega RP3?

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    Default Ortofon Red Cartridge for Rega RP3?

    Got one of these for Christmas, but wondering if deck/tone arm might benefit from a posher cartridge, maybe the Blue or Bronze versions? Any thoughts welcome.

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    Blue is the sweet spot for price/performance, outclasses the Red by quite a margin.

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    Ok thanks

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    I agree with Steve about the blue. If you can stretch to it the black is a whole new world, fiddly little sod to set up properly but well worth the effort
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    Yup deffo the Blue, the Red isn't very good to be honest. Also look at the new Audio Technica VM95 range, they are excellent.

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    Blue definitely a lot better than the Red but as Rob says, take a look at the new AT VM95 range. They offer all the 2Ms do but at a fraction of the price.

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    I used to be an Ortofon fanboy, but not any more. To me they have become very average through the ranges, that they are now one of the crowd. I’m not saying Ortofon are poor, they are certainly not and have a few excellent models. There are so many exceptional cartridges out there these days.
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