I'm a bit confused and wondered if anyone can help me get something straight. I do a lot of streaming and have a full bling Allo Katana feeding a power amp. I use picoreplayer on the Katana Pi, which accesses music - both internet streamed and that stored on my Synology NAS via LMS on said NAS, and which also serves as a digital preamp. I control the whole shebang with ipeng. It's great.

Now, setting aside music on my NAS, I have access to Spotify and Tidal (and Qobuz if I wanted). However it doesn't unfold Tidal MQA and it doesn't access Amazon HD. I'd like to try these because, well, they exist and I am quite bored.

A Bluenote would seem to do this HD stuff for me. I presume it would slot in, in place of the katana and NAS. But (finally I get to my question) can I bypass the Bluenote DAC to use the Katana DAC to get the benefit of Katana DAC loveliness, or no? And if yes, what software would I need on the Katana Pi?