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Thread: Help - CD problem

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    Thats just a pic i borrowed but was exactly the same, sold it on EBAY mint for 100. They been selling for anything upto 500. But i dont play the greedy game and just sell for what i believe things are worth..

    btw: they had a copper chassis, weighed a ton..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobbieGong View Post
    Hows it going Adrian,

    How you finding the Sony's presentation ?
    That's a more complex question than you may think.

    The Sony has 3 types of output, balanced direct from DACs, direct single ended, and variable single ended.

    Its thought that all 3 impact on the sound with some people preferring the direct single ended as being the sweet spot and most dismissive of the variable as audibly inferior.

    I lived with it (when playing up so not as much listening as I'd have liked) via direct single ended and would describe the sound as analogue, airy, liquid, focused with reasonable depth and very good sound stage. Vocals were beautifully rendered. This was with my Luxman AT3000 TVC.

    I am now using the variable single ended (the luxman has departed to a new home) and it is a different story. The sound stage is congested, multitracks fight for attention. Not in the same league. But it has power, energy, prodigious bass. Away from the speakers it sounds huge and extremely good - but sit down between the speakers and its horrible. This is the exact opposite of my old vinyl rig. From afar nothing special, but sit down and you were transported to a different space. Yes I was using exceptionally good gear - but the Sony on direct single ended with the luxman got pretty close. The cheap alps blue pot, the complexity of the circuit and amplification are screwing the sound, which after living with AVC/TVCs transparency and zero congestion is unacceptable.

    This has got me thinking of 2 things and put me in a dilemma. First how would it sound using the balanced, and should I continue that to the audio research 75 which is wired for balanced. Of course I'd like to try but that will necessitate new interconnects.

    I need to get a preamp and am torn between wanting the abilities of a TVC or going active to maintain that energy and balls.

    An active pre is better with the ref 75, I knew it when I bought it, but I am not sure I could get the level of a TVC plus an active in my price range at the moment. I could get hold of an Audio Research ls9 which has good reviews, would suit the amp but is 30 years old. I'm aware of very expensive TVC/active solutions but that's out of my league.

    I'm not looking to replace the luxmans performance, that in my experience isn't possible, and will be happy to step down the ladder a rung, maybe Slagles or Tribute which I lived very happily with before the Truth and the the Luxman.

    The CD is playing fine at the moment all tracks. It still hates a slight scratch and CDs need to be pristine which is a bit of a pain.

    I need extended listening with a pre I trust to be transparent before I can pass serious judgement.. Trying balanced also. If I'm still not happy and it's running fine then an external DAC will lead me down a new rabbit hole I'd prefer not to go down. I'm hoping that sorting the pre will take me back to what I was hearing before the luxman left.

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    Wow Adrian thanks for the comprehensive response.

    At least you'll try different ways to connect where I've always been a bit lazy /unadventurous in that regard, choosing to always keep it really simple, connecting with good quality rca interconnects, insert cd, press play and listen.

    Fortunately that's always worked for me, certainly does with the PD-91.

    Excellent 'analogue' sound, depth, sound stage, vocals and instruments sound natural and right, bass, clarity, air, non fatiguing - boogies !

    Display (lights) in off position and analogue digital position set to both - not exactly sure what that means but sounds great
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    Ive played wiith the three filters on the sony machine. Its like i cant hear any difference then on a certain passage i think i hear a difference, but then again i dont, I think i like setting 2 so just leave it there..

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