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Thread: Speaker Cable DIY or Not?

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    Not really,

    My speakers use 4mm sockets, so I used to use 4mm 'OZ'plugs by Belling & Lee (which were soldered onto the cable), now I use 4mm 'bunch pin' plugs from Maplin (which use two opposing screws to secure the wire to the plug pin, and can be done up tight).

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    Sounds good to me, I'm probably not much cop with a soldering iron anyway. I think Maplins are no more, but perhaps I'll find similar on the 'bay.
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    Oh - you will find plenty to choose from there, as well as from Amazon.

    I would avoid 'named' components from the like of Nakamichi, Chord, Furutech, etc. You will be simply paying for the label.

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    I've received the AudioQuest SureGrip plugs/spades but the cable will be back in stock in about a weeks time

    I guess in the meantime I really should make my new power cables, ages ago I received the following, but kinda forgot I had them

    Furutech FP-S022N Alpha Nano-OFC Power Cable:

    Furutech FI-11 IEC plugs:

    Silver plated MK Toughplugs:

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    The Mogami and Van Damme tour/studio stuff seem very well regarded for DIY use, and is in many very decent systems on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    I would use a much heavier gauge of wire for speaker cable. A loop resistance of 27mOhm / metre is not especially good. You can do much better for less expense.

    Also don't be swayed to much by the claims of OCC copper. The Oho continuous casting process may create copper wire with few crystal boundaries when the wire is drawn. But by the time the wire is wound onto a drum and then twisted to form multi-stranded cable, the wire is stressed beyond its elastic limit, so introducing many new additional crystal boundaries.
    Yes, I agree - particularly with regard to using a heavier gauge wire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninanina View Post
    I've received the AudioQuest SureGrip plugs/spades but the cable will be back in stock in about a weeks time
    Hi, did the speaker cable arrive and have you made them up? I am interested in how they sound?


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    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these cables.

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    I use 6mm Van Damme Studio grade (blue), sound's excellent to me

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    Interesting thread.

    From personal experience though, not sure I’d agree with heavier gauge speaker cable always being better?
    I’ve used all shapes n sizes of speaker cable in my kit over the years, some thick as yer wrist down to DNM at a single solid core strand, and can’t say I’ve ever found a link between cable thickness and sound?

    Best sounding speaker cable setup I’ve heard in my system looks like shoelaces, and isn’t even terminated.

    Not exactly thick cable is it?

    My speakers are Triwirable (3 sets of binding posts) and run a single length of cable through all terminals.
    Compared to shotgunning 2 and 3 lengths of cable, and various speaker jumper options bridging terminals, turns out simplest sounds best.
    The cable is tin plated, so no concern of oxidation using bare wire.

    The Duelund DCA16GA cable I’m using now ousted a 1K speaker cable and sounds good enough that don’t even think about speaker cable nowadays.
    Just mentioning is as an alternative maybe not considered if your interested in DIY speaker cable.
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