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Thread: Harbeth

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    Default Harbeth

    Hi All
    Looking for some advice
    I have been looking for a set of Harbeths for my daughter's system
    I have come across a pair and wondered if the price being asked is fair
    They are the original compact 7es that are the bi-wire version
    They are one owner with original boxes and immaculate
    They also come with Something Solid stands
    Asking price is 800
    How do these compare against the es2 and 3 and for the price,does it sound ok
    Any help would be great

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    Seems a decent price but check with others too
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    There have been quite a few changes from the original. The improvements are all subjective as to how they sound. If you like the sound does it matter?

    If they have been driven hard at any time, it can be an issue.
    Price seems a bit high given I have seen some es3 speakers for just over a grand, although they don't come up that often.

    As all things hifi, if they tick all your boxes go for it.
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