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Thread: NEBO 11

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    I'm availableforweddingsAndBarmitzvas.


    PS Audio Directstream Dac
    PS Audio BHK Signature preamp

    Foo bits of wire to hook them up.
    I enjoy Hifi n stuff...

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    I'm Steve.


    Nebo 11 is shaping up to be a great gig guys

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    I'm Gordon.


    Quote Originally Posted by Floyddroid View Post
    Time is drawing near fellow Neboites. Can people attending please confirm what they are bringing. Many thanks good people.
    I'll bring the LXMini's and as they are active a suitable multichannel power amp, Dac and small fanless PC with JRiver installed.

    If anyone has a small powered sub they could bring that would be great, but no biggie if not.

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