Apparently, listening to quality sound in bars is cool, it's sweeping the world, etc.! The article tells us that high definition music is catching on.
For the record, I'd say that Royce Rolls Wholefood Cafe in Bristol was doing exactly this in the 80s/90s/00s, using big speakers and quality equipment, (even Klipschorns once!), playing interesting music; Andreas Vollenweider, Paco de Lucia. Joyce....
It's 'on trend' mainly because the writer has just discovered this phenomenon. After all they weren't born in the 80s to visit Royce Rolls, which had great food (vegetarian/Vegan before THAT was trending as well!)
How do I recall this? I owned Royce Rolls! It still functions, though not in the musical way. I always told folk selling food was just an excuse to play music all day.uEYdigcIFk.jpg

I like it that the girl DJ in the article had Klipsches in her house though!