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Thread: 300B Valves run in

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    Default 300B Valves run in

    Hi Everyone

    Can you help me out with this one? I have just fitted a new matched quad of Golden Lion 300B valves, and on reading a few articles it suggests that they will sound much better after about a hundred or so hours of listening, with this in mind is it ok to run them for 4 days continously, also can I turn the volume down to zero whilst this is being done?
    Many Thanks.

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    Don’t know but personally I’d just use it as normal and see how you go.

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    Your volume wont have any impact. You could disconnect your speakers and have the volume on full tilt if you like !

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    Do not do this if its a SET/PSE amp! Even if it is not it is just poor practice and at best will stress several expensive components. I know Rexton was having a laugh but some coming across the thread might take the advice seriously.
    I personally would do as the earlier poster suggested and use it as you normally would. Warming and cooling are also part of the running in process.

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    Yes I was just about to jump in there James. Valve amps with transformers in (which is nearly all of them barring a few OTLs) need a load when switched on (ie, connected to speakers). Pentode amps for sure, but I personally wouldn't risk it with a triode amp even if supposedly running with no global feedback.

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    Shouldn't be any rush to run the tubes in, just increase your listening sessions and enjoy the development of the Sweet Spot.

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    Single ended tube amps too are not advised to switch on unloaded.
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    Just to add I wouldn’t leave a valve amp on and unattended for an extended period anyway.....

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    Been using a 300B SET power amp for a few years now, had 4 sets of 300Bs on it, so familiar with the running in thing.
    Had a set of the Good Lions, nice 300B’s.

    My takeaway?
    Just use as normal and a enjoy the journey.

    Switch on in the morning and keep on till your finished listening at the end of the day.
    No need to switch off and on every hour, think of the valves as lightbulbs!
    Importantly, leave space in your head to enjoy the wonderful sound and enjoy the improvement as it comes along, don’t stress about how it’s gonna sound in 3 months.

    Some points though, some touched upon already:
    - Switching on and off frequently...never a good idea, especially if your amp doesn’t have a ‘soft start’ (no inrush) circuit.
    - Don’t move your amp when it’s hot...ever.
    - With a Triode amp it’s less of an issue, but I’d not take the chance disconnecting speaker cable with the amp on, keep a load on.

    main thing, enjoy your system now and not be thinking about Months down the line!
    Enjoying Hifi 'n stuff.

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    Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You everyone, some great advice there which i will now take on board. So i will be just taking my time and enjoying it along the way. I must admit I can REALLY notice the difference between these new Gold Lion valves and my old ones which I had tested and all four were on their last legs. Merry Crimbo to one and all !!!!

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